Welcome to the
Massachusetts Interconnect Team (
M I T)
Our Mission is to advance digital communication, science and promote the enjoyment of Amateur Radio.  We have a passion for delivering engineering solutions through an open collaborative based approach to problem solving.  We endeavor to engage in opportunities to bring our collaborative teaming methodology to groups of likeminded organizations looking to develop, solve challenges and advance digital communications for Amateur Radio. 

 We hold the following ideals as central components to our core beliefs:

 *  Altruism in contributing back our works for the common good and advancement of technology.

 *  Innovation in constantly pushing the boundaries of "why not".

 *  Integrity in our relationships with promoting open dialog, visibility of purpose and the courage to do what is right.

Our resources include a Motorola MotoTRBO IPSC Network and ICOM D-STAR Network open to all Licensed Amateurs. 

We are pleased to extend an open invitation to those individuals and organizations that embrace digital technology as the new frontier of Amateur Radio communications and would like to partner with M I T and/or connect to our MotoTRBO or D-STAR Networks.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or assistance.

M I T  Communications